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Socapex, 19 and 7 pin breakins and breakouts
Due to the possible dangers of power and electrical related items, we are forced to sell these items as is. We stand behind all of our products and warrant them to be as listed.  Anything related to electricity or rigging can be VERY dangerous. Only qualified persons should EVER deal with electrical items.

Socapex Note: The word socapex has become a universal term for 6 circuit multi connectors. Socapex is also a brand name. Due to the quantity of products we sell, styles may vary. Cables may use "Socapex" brand connectors or an equal quality device. Typically, we use Socapex, Link, Veam or brands of equally high quality. We tend NOT to group offshore knockoffs in this group. 

Socapex     24     Factory New   Break-in from either male edison or male s/p 12/3 wire 6'-- Edison plugs are Leviton. Stage pin plugs are Bates.                              

Socapex     24     Factory New Break-out to either female edison (Leviton) or female s/p (Bates)  features 12/3 wire per circuit and are 6' in length.   

Socapex     24     Factory New Break in OR Breakout with L620 (Leviton) twist.  
7 pin Socapex cable also available

Pyle    1    12 circuit breakout 2 f stage pin -- some of the cable may need attention, but mult is good     $100

PYLE    2    12/37 BREAKOUT "shoebox" male 37 pin to 12 female panel mount stagepin aprox 4 x4 x 15     $150

Socapex Breakout-- m socapex to 6 f duplex edison outlets--    used connector and cable with NEW backwire outlets --faceplate edges overhang box on all 4 sides $165-- styles may vary   

Socapex    2    
NEW   Socapex Panel Mout Breakout to bare tails 12/3     $85

Socapex    1    Socapex 6 circuit Breakout to female edison duplex aprox 30'     $175

Socapex to stage pin breakout box with cable. This has a few miles on it, but it works. The cable is the older gray style. Also a few chips here and there. Appears to be about 25' of cable. $160