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Lighting Controllers 267-228-8158

Jands Vista S3 Control surface w/ case

Jands  Vista  512 ch dongle

 Overdrive Unit

Imported 48 channel dmx console SALE $325 NEW

HOG 1000.  good condition.  call for $
     Leprecon     1    LP612 controller. Open box deal--. This will ship in original box, complete with manual and psu. One of the many great features of this console is that it will send dmx, microplex or analog. We literally had to unwrap the plastic to take these photos.  The console includes: two scene preset mode with twelve channels; switchable Add or Solo momentary buttons for each channel; and dipless crossfade between manual scenes. Presets may be “piled on” in any combination, and are assigned to one of four memory pages. Preview mode allows cues to be checked without bringing up the scene on stage. An existing cue may be easily edited using the manual scene faders without re-recording the entire cue.

LP624 also available

Dove    1    IQ192 dmx controller     $350

High End    3    AF1000 mini controllers     $SALE W/ PURCHASE OF STROBES


High End    1    NEW    Hog II RFU --- new remote focus unit                                                  $SALE

High End    1    Universal controller     Legacy series for Emulator, Trackspot and I beam--     $450

Martin    1    Fogger remote duration and cycle timer -- The Fogger MK2  to 4 pin     $20

Rosco    1    Alpha 900 wireless remote w/ keychain trigger     $50

Rosco    1    DMX fog interface 7 pin Rosco to 5 pin dmx     $50

Rosco    1    Fogger remote to 7 pin     $20