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Connectors, Plugs, Cams
Power and rigging related items must all be at your own risk. We warrant ALL items to be as listed. Electrical and rigging items can be very dangerous. All users should all be properly trained.

FACTORY NEW Leviton L620 250v 20-- The industry standard moving light -female connector. Bk+Wt versions of one of the best on the market. model 2323 packaging may vary but all are new. 

Leviton L620 female connector

.  $19.95

Leviton Edison
Factory New 5266c HD male and 5269 female edison plug. The best available. Bk+Wt shell  

Factory New  Bryant L520 Plugs and Connectors --take choice of inline male, female or female receptacle  $5 each

L520 twist lock  the production store L5 20 twist bryant used locking plugs
L5- 20 twist lok

Cams -- Panel Mount  Factory NEW a number of different choices are available. 15 or 16 (pictured) series, male (pictured) or female, threaded stud(pictured)  or set screw, straight (pictured) or offset.

 Cams     50          Factory New     These are factory new inline Cam connectors that mate to standard 1016 series. Each cam includes double set-screw insert, wire shim, strain relief wire, boot and carbon pin,  available in 2 sizes #2-2/0 or 2/0 - 4/0  Red, black, blue, white, green  When ordering, you must state size, color and gender.

Cam Distro     24     Factory New          These are factory new cam three-fer- Y cables w/ 24" 4/0 Entertainment cable attached. At this price, no production company can afford to be without. These are available in a few different versions. Please specify when ordering. Color choices are Red, Black, Blue, White and Green. The single connector and breakout ends will be opposite gender. You must tell us which way you want them. (single male to 3 female or single female to 3 male)   call

Cam Turnarounds     24     Factory New     These turnarounds are available either male to male or female to female. All power colors are available. The most popular are green and white for reversed g/n connections. A low cost option to always being able to adapt.     Brand and style will vary

Neutrik     50     Factory New Male or Female 4 Pin XLR connectors build your own ck cable.

Y          12     Factory New 12 ga molded Y cable (yellow cable w/ black fitting) The electrical code changes are taking place, get legal now

L520 Y     12     Factory New 12 ga molded Y cable. 1 male L520 to 2 female L520 


Bryant    12    Factory New    Weatherproof boot cover 5200-BP / BPZ  protectve cover for 15                                   amp plugs     $5


             12    Data terminators  3 pin     $18

L14 20 twist lok  100 pcs available

L16 20 twist lok  100 pcs available

50A twist 3ph 4 wire